The dance studio halls were full of sounds from dancers coming and going, chatting and laughing. Unfortunately, sometimes the sound of tap shoes coming down the hall and then a splat sound is also common. Although you tell children not to wear their dance shoes outside the dance room, it happens.

That was how SHOOZIES™ came to be! Pam, a dance mother, and Traci, a dance teacher were standing in the hall talking when a dancer came whirling out of a dance room wearing her tap shoes on the slick floor. Splat went the dancer down hard to the floor. After we helped the child up and made sure she was alright, Traci turned to Pam and said, “I have been thinking for a while that someone should invent a tap shoe cover so dancers can walk safely outside the dance room!” Pam’s reply was, “Let’s do it!”

That was in 2008. After several months of forming our company and filing our patents, we were in business. This was just the start! Safety was our number one concern so, after several more months of collaboration and prototypes, SHOOZIES™ were born!